William H. Deitrick Service Medal

William H. DeitrickAIA North Carolina

William H. Deitrick Service Medal

The AIA North Carolina William H. Deitrick Service Medal will be presented to an AIA North Carolina member who exhibits extraordinary service to the community, profession or AIA North Carolina.  The medal is named in honor of the late William Henley Deitrick, FAIA, a former president of AIA North Carolina.


A current or deceased member of AIA North Carolina is eligible to receive the Deitrick Service Medal.  No more than one such award shall be made in any year.  Individuals who are current members of the Chapter Board, one year removed from the Board or members of the Awards committee are ineligible for consideration.  The selection will be made from one of the following categories:

Service to the Community

This category recognizes the work of architects who serve as elected officials, public administrators or institutional leaders and establish and contribute to the development of laws, regulations and policies that promote excellence in architecture

Service to the Chapter

This category recognizes the work of architects that, by their skill, professionalism, dedication, ability and commitment, have consistently advanced the common goals of AIA North Carolina.

Service to the Profession

This category recognizes the work of architects who have had a significant impact on the profession of architecture and its public perception as a profession.


Nominations for 2014 are closed. Check back in the spring of 2015 for further instructions.


All submissions must be made no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 11, 2014 In a 1”, 3-RING, HARDCOVER BINDER.

Additionally, you must submit a digital copy of your information. Please scan all materials and create a single PDF file, burned to a CD, and placed in the binder. 

The submissions, not to exceed 20 8 ½” x 11” pages, should include the following information:

  1. A nomination letter by the AIA member, group of members, component or committee.
  2. A brief biography of the nominee, including a list of offices, positions, honors, achievements, publications or presentations that relate to the award’s purpose.
  3. Letters of support (no more than 5) that give testament to the achievement presented.
  4. Exhibits, if appropriate for the nominee, to illustrate accomplishments that relate to the award’s purpose.

Previous winners

1995 S. Scott Ferebee, Jr., FAIA CharlottE
1996 Leslie N. Boney, Jr., FAIA Wilmington
1997 Danie A. Johnson, AIA Asheville
1998 Sam T. Snowdon, Jr., AIA Laurinburg
1999 Carole Hoefener, AIA (posthumous) Charlotte
2000 Thomas P. Turner, FAIA Charlotte
2001 Macon S. Smith, FAIA Raleigh
2002 William Hemphill, Jr., FAIA Charlotte
2003 James Mason, AIA (posthumous) Raleigh
2004 Robert Pascal Burns, FAIA Raleigh
2005 Paul Davis Boney, FAIA Wilmington
2006 No recipient chosen
2007 Dennis J. Hall, FAIA Charlotte
2008 Alan D. McGuinn, AIA Asheville
2009 Katherine Peele, FAIA Raleigh
2010 James E. Rains, Jr., FAIA Ramseur
2011 Walton R. Teague, FAIA Greensboro
2012 James N. Bartl, AIA Charlotte
2013 Mike Cox, AIA Asheville
2014 Irvin A. Pearce, AIA Raleigh